kevin daley
The Dandy Vigilante - published July 5, 2014!

An aspiring news reporter dons an old man disguise to follow his wife, a psychologist, as an exercise in investigative journalism, never expecting signs of infidelity. Although he yearns for a family, he risks his career to uncover the truth about her. Lurking in Boston’s shadows, he encounters crimes that he is compelled to intervene in even though it frustrates his purpose. The media pick up and play up his elderly martial arts persona. Worse, his boss assigns him to cover this hot story of the man dubbed the "Dandy Vigilante," and then pressures him to slant his stories against vigilantism, undoubtedly as a favor to the mayor of Boston.

A connection to the city administration hits too close to home, and the reporter expands his investigation to murky political corruption while his emotions contract to a personal hell. He and his wife finally try to reconcile, but police arrest her for a high-profile murder. Then he is, too—for the same murder. Helping her will implicate him, unless he gets exculpatory evidence—for both of them; otherwise, he will lose everything.

While on the lam, another high-profile murder occurs, and a cascade of obstacles keep him from the evidence he needs. Laws and powerful people stand in his way, but he is willing to break them all—even if he has to kill. Deep connections to his psychological past finally reach for him, as his wife knows, which will either save his life or end it. (paperback) (e-book) Author copy (signed or inscribed for you)

                                                  South Pacific Survivor 

An assassin decapitates a U.S. congressman in American Samoa then enters independent Samoa. Polynesian beauty Pua discovers that further targets may include thier nation's leader—her grandfather. As the sole agent of the Samoan Secret Service, Pua must stop the assassin and prevent a coup. With an anti-colonial chip on her shoulder and a black belt to back it up, she faces a down-on-his-luck CIA agent and a rogue New Zealand diplomat. They close in on each other and the warrior-assassin as they race to unravel Robert Louis Stevenson’s secret. It leads to evidence that could re-ignite civil war if disclosed, which a shadowy chief tries to do. Murders mount, a riot rips through the capital, and a Chinese agent works her own agenda. Military ships and a hurricane approach, and Pua and  Ken must put aside the past and unite to prevent the archipelago’s disintegration and their own demise.

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Twice Paved Roads - a work (sort of) in progress

A thriller set in the Czech Republic and Massachusetts, this is Kevin's first manuscript--but it might not see the light of day. He labels this his Frankenstein manuscript because it is an amalgamation of experiences, research, undisciplined creativity, and writing/rewriting, augmented over the years by writing classes, writing workshops, and a tolerant writers group (Brad Pritchett, Elizabeth Seitz, and Bella English--thanks for your support guys!).

Communism falls and Viktor lands a job with the new Czech government, but a corrupt boss threatens him. His wife pressures him to go along, but then he discovers two valuable  paintings hidden behind a wall, which changes everything. He risks all by selling them--but the cost to him is too great. Viktor flees to Massachusetts, the probable home of the father he never met, and plans revenge. His wife's lover gets interested in a painting that Viktor took to America. Viktor falls for Bridget, a former policewoman and an amateur artist. Bridget uncovers secrets that can destroy her trust or help Viktor reveal the mystery of his artistic heritage. Viktor must again risk all he has left, past and present, to save them both.

Peace In Polynesia, War In D.C.  - a work in progress
A cross-cultural journey as a white Peace Corps volunteer in a brown-skinned island nation. An intra-cultural journey at a historically black law school in the nation's capital, facing fiery racial issues.  This memoir intertwines views of historic events and personal tales, each with difficult stops along the way to a  dual destination—rationality and reconciliation.

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